H. U. G….

butterfly on flower pixa x     Handing. Us. Grace. – every blooming flower, newborn cry, mountain meadow, crashing wave, bird in flight, frog croaking, butterfly fluttering – hugs from our Creator…

frog with butterfly pixa x

I’m a hugger – I especially love hugging someone unexpectedly. I don’t understand non-huggers – cause I know deep inside they need a hug, and they know it too. I also don’t understand timid huggers – you know, kind of come at you from the side, or lean forward so only shoulders touch, or make it quick with a pat on the back…

Look, if I’m gonna hug you it’s going to be full on, squeezing, and all that stuff – or I’m not going to hug you at all. A hug is a way of extending grace to each other. Especially those we are closest to. Sometimes I may not think my hubby deserves a hug, but I give him one anyway (knowing there are many more times I don’t deserve one and he still gives me one anyway).

Our love, kindness, feelings are so fickle. One minute we’re all sunshine and sweet thoughts and the next we’re on a tirade of ‘how dare they’ or “I can’t believe they’ or ‘how could they’. Grace is favor extended when most undeserved. You know, like what God does for us every minute of every day.

sunrise pixa x

I can guarantee you that our offenses against a Holy God far outweigh all the wrongs done to us by friends or foes. Yet He still grants each next breath, a perfect sunrise, and even a mouthwatering dessert now and then.

He Hands.Us.Grace (H.U.G.) – can we hand.out.grace (h.o.g.)? Melt a frown, calm the worry, renew the passion – h.o.g. someone’s attention with a hug… Enjoy this link to a video that will definitely wrap you in His hug today…


cosmos pixa x

If you stopped by because you read my devotion over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!​​

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