Mason Jars…

flower jar pixa x     It’s hard for us to let things sit empty – we have this need to fill them… Jugs become loose change collectors, boxes become mail catchers, some jars become candle holders – others become flower vases…

Never does a bouquet look lovelier than when it’s in a mason jar. The simplicity of a jar topped off with the intricacy of God’s handiwork, the perfect pairing.

It is the same with people, we are vessels longing to be filled up. Sometimes we fill up on work, on people, on money – funny how we never feel filled up…

Sometimes we fill up on social media, entertainment of one kind or another, the latest gossip…still empty…

empty flower pots pixa x

God longs to fill us – with His mercy, His love, His forgiveness. Oh when we let ourselves be filled with His offerings how every little nook and cranny finds fulfillment. Yet we can’t get enough. The more He gives of Himself the more we can be filled. The more we are filled the more we can offer to others…

I want to be the mason jar, no frills or airs – just a vessel saying ‘Fill me Lord with love, joy, peace’. Let me be a bouquet of patience, kindness, goodness. That others will see gentleness, faithfulness, self-control… Let my filling be that of the Holy Spirit who has been given to us as a deposit so that we will never doubt the return of our Savior.

boquet pixa x

We are God’s handiwork, made in His image – to be image bearers to a world trying alcohol and pills, power and popularity, never feeling like they are filled up. Let us be so filled that others are drawn to find out what our sweet fragrance is.

God’s handiwork, His vessels, His ambassadors to the lady in line, the waiter at our table, the receptionist at the office. What the world needs now… a Savior, sweet Savior…

flower jar 2 pixa x

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