And the Hands That Made It…

chair in meadow pixa x     Recently I was challenged to set a timer for five minutes and do…nothing. To sit back and breathe and listen – to let the tension roll away and be filled for good use…

I wondered during that time about things…I glanced at the beautiful quilt and I could feel God say ‘whose is it?’ and I replied in my heart ‘Yours and so are the hands that made it’…


My eyes wandered to pictures of children and grandchildren and again I was asked ‘whose are they’ and I replied ‘Yours and so are the bodies that made them’…

I noticed a silk flower arrangement I made about year or so ago, definitely not my skill set, but it turned out so lovely and He asked ‘whose is it?’ and I replied ‘Yours and so are my hands that made it’…

silk flower arrngmntx

We are His, dear ones, and He wants us to know – to know beyond a shadow of a doubt how loved, how protected, how cherished we are… Though the tensions of the world may say otherwise, this is only temporary.

Finally my eyes wandered to a picture of my mother when she was a little girl. This time I asked ‘whose is she?’ and He replied ‘Mine and I made her and all eternity is hers’… Sweet comfort for the soul of a daughter wanting to know she will see her mommy again someday.

Emily Freeman is the author challenging us to be still and she said “Stillness is to the soul as decluttering is to the home.” Take the challenge, set the timer, declutter your soul…breathe, empty your hands to the Hands that made you…


If you stopped by because you read my devotion over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!​​

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