12 Ways…

(Look for The 12 Ways of Christmas releasing next November)

Twelve days until our remembrance of THE birth – the one that changed everything.

This soul needs to be more wrapped up in His gift to us than in the paper and bows. Join me on a quest? Let’s bring some soul refreshing into the midst of parties, presents, and peppermint goodies.

It’s really so simple, all laid out in the Christmas story:

Signs – The virgin will be with child – seven hundred years before His birth the signs were told of and still today creation speaks of Jesus wondering how we miss Him. The skies proclaim the work of His hands, notice and be awed.

Say Yes – Young Mary, told by an angel she was going to have a child, instead of fretting, said ‘yes’. When told of the thing we think we can’t do, will we say yes knowing nothing is impossible with God?

Census – The Christmas story begins with the government counting citizens. Thank You, Father, that we are counted in the number who have Your eternity.

Hard Things – Joseph takes Mary, pregnant with a child not his, and travels the hard road to Bethlehem. Trust God to help us take next steps in this life journey, eyes on the path He lights.


Glory Shine – Shepherds were doing their job when they were illuminated by the glory of God. As we do the dirty dishes, make the commute to work, or lend a helping hand – it is in the everyday His glory shines.

Good News – An Angel spoke the good news: your Savior is here, your joy is born. Today is the day to share that news, may divine opportunities not be ignored.

Praise – The skies broke open with a crowd of angels singing, praising – giving glory to God. Get lost in the awe of singing to Him – give yourself to the Gift.

Get Going – Dazed shepherds wasted no time, they hurried off to see this Savior.  To see Him we have to find Him – in prayer, in His word.


Allow – Joseph and Mary could have kept the shepherds and townspeople away – but all who came, saw Him in that manger. How about we do the baking and wrapping in a way that says ‘come, see’ – instead of our busyness saying ‘not welcome’.

Don’t Stay – The shepherds didn’t hang around, they told all the town and countryside what they had heard and seen. Let’s do this – in line at the grocery store, at the unbelieving relative’s. Don’t we want everyone knowing?

Ponder – Mary treasured up all these events and heart pondered them for a lifetime. Treasure Him, ponder Him with each breath.

Return – The shepherds went back to the fields, but they were never the same. As I go back to the routine in January may it truly be a new year, never the same because of Him.

Read this Good News Story in Luke 1 & 2 and sing along with this wonderful reminder: https://youtu.be/jGg7KdN19rs

(Copyright Paris Renae 2016)

One Comment on “12 Ways…

  1. Beautiful as always!!! So enjoy your posts!!!!! Also, thank you for sharing Lauren Daigle’s Noel . . .love it!!!!


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