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The Table…

We’re invited. We’ll be satisfied. We’ll have the perfect seat. We won’t ever want to leave. Banquets or parties can be awkward – what to wear, where to sit, who to talk to and about what. The there’s this: I have a hard time… Continue Reading “The Table…”

Growing Up…

Recently I discovered I had made a mistake that bruised my ego in many ways: I looked foolish, like I had no attention to detail – and it could have caused some real problems. Oh how hard it was to fess up to the… Continue Reading “Growing Up…”

12 Ways…

(Look for The 12 Ways of Christmas releasing next November) Twelve days until our remembrance of THE birth – the one that changed everything. This soul needs to be more wrapped up in His gift to us than in the paper and bows. Join me on a quest? Let’s… Continue Reading “12 Ways…”

Seeds of…

     Eighteen years ago I dug up a tiny sapling from beneath the huge tree in our front yard. I went to the back yard and gauged where I thought it should go (seriously I thought it was way far from the deck). Today it has reached that maturity… Continue Reading “Seeds of…”


     I love this word – d e l i g h t… How often do we use such a great word? Not often enough for sure… Did you know its both a verb and a noun? Something you ‘do’ – and something you ‘get’. Sometimes we… Continue Reading “Delight…”


PLaY CReaTivEly WitH YoUr LiTtLe OnE

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