As You Go…

Not going many places these days. A world that used to zoom from here to there has slowed waaayyyy down.

So welcome in so many ways. Love that being late isn’t really a thing right now (pretty much anyway). Love that money is being spent on things that matter and new perspective has come. Not really loving not being able to plan a vacation and not getting to see my children who aren’t here in town.

Remembering lately though, that wherever we are, in our four walls or hiking a trail, we’re never alone. “You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.” (Psalm 139:5 NLT) Can’t turn and not find God right there.

May not always seem like that’s true. Wondering if a business that’s closed will make a come back – that seems all alone. Waiting to see a loved one who is ill but no visitors allowed – that seems all alone. Shopping with a mask on, all going the same direction, six feet apart  – that seems all alone.

And it’s hard. Hard because burden sharing almost seems inappropriate these days. Everyone has their own set of ‘what ifs’, ‘now whats’, and anxious thoughts. There is One whose ready to listen…“Where could I go to escape from your Spirit or from your sight?” (Psalm 139:7 CEV)

The answer – no place. Never left you before, isn’t going to now. Every moment of you has been surrounded by Jesus. From the creation of your spirit long before you were formed to the very last exhale on earth – ever present. (Read Psalm 139, notice all the places the writer thought of – still not one of them was absent of God.)

“I will be with you always, even until the end of the world.” (Matthew 28:20b CEV)

And then after the end of the world too – as long as you know Him as Savior. Do you? As you go – throughout your day, the walk around the neighborhood for the hundredth time, and all those places you might wish you could avoid – still never alone. As you go, this life is not lived alone or unknown. You are cherished. Where you go, He is there.

9 Comments on “As You Go…

  1. Thanks, Paris. I’ve always loved that verse in Psalm 139. So comforting to know we can’t escape God’s presence. We are pretty much staying home also. Except for occasional outings and go hiking and walking on trails at least once a week. Getting outside in nature and Gods’s creation is one of the ways I’m keeping my sanity besides His Word and worship.


    • I think that the good things like lots of walks and finding ways to keep busy close to home are a blessing from all this stuff. So good to share in His blessings with you and may you enjoy the journey all the more each day…


    • I need that constant reminder that He is there – His Holy Spirit reminds me when I listen, and then I read the hearts of other believers and find Him there – always there! Blessings…


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