I’m With Him…

Here’s a word for today: Grace. Don’t think the world gets it. Do we?

There’s a three year old in my life. His world, today’s world, moves so fast. Expected to know so much only three years into this craziness called life. And I think the stress of it gets to three-year-olds just like it does to grammy-year-olds. Sometimes we just want to be loved – no expectations – and a whole lot of g-r-a-c-e when we just want things our way.

We also want to pout, question, and say we don’t like it. We don’t like worrying about pandemics – pout. We wonder where God is in all the loss – question. We want to be honest when we don’t want to stay home, wear a mask, wash hands one more time – don’t like it! “Be gracious to me, Lord, for I call to you all day long.” (Psalm 86:3 CSB)

In times like this we sometimes don’t act like the faith we say we have. We mess up. My grandson loves coming to my house but a few times lately he has been hard to get along with, emotional, unreasonable. I want to get in his face and say ‘listen, what’s the matter, you have all you need’ – instead I just hug him and wait for it to pass.

Same with God and us. I feel Him trying to find my eyes, ask what’s the matter, tell me you have ALL you need. Instead He just loves me. Knowing that whatever I experience in any trial – past, present, or future – His grace covers it all and it leads to a someday of no more of this.

As a group of friends recently discussed how often we don’t act/think/speak like children of God, one of them said the most profound thing. She said when that happens she just wants to say: “I’m with Him.” Jesus, the one who helps us as we muddle through our days. “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life.” (John 6:68b GNT)

So today, when you yell, cuss, think bad thoughts, cheat, lie, are jealous, and the list goes on – just lift your eyes so He can get in your face. No condemnation will be found. Gently He will look you in the heart and remind you, He’s covered it all – and all this ‘stuff’, He’s got that too.

This God, He’s no dictator and He’s not a pushover either. But He is the One who allows us to blow it and come running to His lap, again. And forgiveness flows. I’m with Him.

16 Comments on “I’m With Him…

  1. “I’m with Him.” Yes, what a beautiful response! I’ll try that today too. As a grammy-year-old myself (love your phrase!), I definitely need a lot of grace too.


    • So nice to know He’s by our side and in our “moments” (lol) – we can just turn and say ‘I’m with Him’ – and then bury our head in Him. What a Savior. Blessings grammy 🙂


  2. ❤️ we have a three-year-old in our life, too! I’m learning all kinds of lessons from him. I’m so glad God has grace enough for all of my tantrums. Glad I ended up your neighbor at Mary’s today :).


  3. So grateful for grace – I need it every minute. Working on his grace to flow through me and extend to those around me when they’re having a tough time too! Thank you for sharing!


  4. Us “grammy-year-olds” have so much to yet learn. I am so grateful God is patient with me and ever extending His grace. Beautiful post!


  5. What timely and powerful words! I love the: he’s no dictator and no pushover. His sovereignty and power are balanced perfectly with his love and tenderness so that we don’t have to fear approaching him but we have every reason to esteem, honor, worship, and obey him. I’m with him! I wrote about a slightly similar topic last night as I looked at the first verse in Psalm 23. Because we know who our Good Shepherd is, we can say “I shall not want” even in the midst of so much uncertainty


    • Elena, your post is timely and deep and full of love. Blessings as you continue to move through the series you are writing and may His presence always give you rest and care.


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  7. So beautiful! My #Oneword for this year is simply the word “with.” So your post here speaks so deeply to me. Not only is He with me, but I can rest knowing that I am with HIM. Thank you for this precious confirmation today.


    • So true, we must keep our focus on the One who makes all the difference. Blessings as you look up to Jesus and find His love…


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