Never Fall

Playing the memory card game with a four-year-old is different: when he picks up a card, he wants to keep looking til he finds the match. If I pick a card he really likes, he wants me to surrender it to him so he can find the match. He also likes to win or we both win – no other options.

Someday soon I will have to start ‘winning’ some of the games I play with him. He will probably cry. But what service would I be doing him if I didn’t allow him to experience loss and failure with me in preparation for what is to come?

About 2,000 years ago a brash young man had to learn some hard lessons. He probably thought he had already had his fair share. He was a fisherman for a living and that wasn’t always easy. Living under Roman oppression was no picnic either. Then came Jesus.

Peter believed with all his heart that Jesus was God’s Son, Messiah. So, he followed Him through thick and thin for three years. Then one night Jesus was arrested and when they asked Peter if he was one of Jesus’ followers, he quickly replied: ‘no way’. Then his eyes met those of Jesus and heartbreak, like no other, overcame him. He wept bitterly thinking there was no chance of a do-over.

But that’s not how things are with the Savior. Peter is the one God used to start the Christian church after Jesus was crucified. The one the Holy Spirit spoke through in Peter’s first sermon – and more than 3,000 were brought to salvation.

Peter teaches us in his second letter to Christians that there are a few things we need to add to our faith: “…make every effort to add to your faith goodness…knowledge…self-control…perseverance…godliness…brotherly kindness…love.” (2Peter 1:5b-7 NIV) He also tells us why we need to be adding these things: “For if you do these things, you will never fall, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2Peter 1:10b-11 NIV)

Peter learned a lot from that bitter night. And now he shows us how we can never fall – have a rich welcome – and have eternity! There will be no more hard lessons someday – only a forever of discovery. Searching out the depths of the Creator and His creation await all who accept Him.

4 Comments on “Never Fall

  1. If we never fail, we never can have the fulfillment of joy in winning!!!


    • So true, just glad to know He will never leave us in those ups and downs and that ultimately because of Him we never fall!


  2. What a sweet season you are in, Paris, with your four year old. I appreciate your analogy with God giving Peter an abundant second chance.


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