Antique People…

hankies chest1     Antique stores are fun… I don’t know much about authenticity or values – my interest lies in the history, in the uniqueness, in the beauty (and a good deal of course)…

Actually I do cringe a little when I see things I had as a little girl or as a young woman proudly displayed in an antique store – ummm, gulp, do I say “Oh I had those dolls, lunch pails, glassware when I was little?” or do I say “Wow look at these old things, I’m sure somebody thought they were cool back in the day.” Depends on if the person I’m with is 20 something or 50+ something…

Once when I visited my mom I went in the kitchen to find her with a blow pop sucker in her mouth rummaging through the cabinet to find more snacks. I couldn’t help but laugh, for the moment all the wrinkles betraying her age were missing and all I saw was a little girl getting her sugar fix… She reminded me of the little wooden figurine I saw once that had a caption painted on the bottom of her dress: ‘Grandmas are just antique little girls…’

tea cups1

I think if I were to collect ‘antiques’ I would prefer people – people who have the lines to show the wear and tear, the memories to share, the wisdom to make a difference, the perspective of time… Antique people show this life can be survived, can tell stories that mesmerize, offer advice that’s solid, and can make today (and tomorrow – and yesterday) have the right importance…

So perhaps a visit a week with someone who doesn’t have a lot of others like them left around, you know a real antique with real value because its getting rarer by the day – maybe that’s the antiques we should wander around a few hours admiring…




4 Comments on “Antique People…

  1. I am so happy to be one of your “antique” friends! I remember when I was a little girl (long before you were one), one of my favorite activities was “helping” my great-grandmother. I now appreciate her infinite patience and treasure my memories of her.


  2. When I was a freshman or sophomore in HS, there was a 93 year old woman on campus. On Sunday afternoons some of us would go to visit and listen to stories of her life. I love that memory. We thought it was ancient history. Old guys rule!


  3. For me being an “antique” just means that others see the greater “value” in me than when I was younger and thought I knew so much! Experience can never have a price tag.


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