??????????      Ordinary doesn’t exist – I have never seen an ordinary sunrise, an ordinary dragonfly, or ordinary child…

Have you beheld an ordinary starlit night, heard an ordinary thunderstorm, gazed into ordinary eyes, felt an ordinary kiss? How about an ordinary ocean wave, black bear, or geyser?

Even in the everyday – all is extraordinary – a best friend’s call, the buzz of the bee, the purr of a cat…

from phone 446

Ordinary only happens when we elevate self above others – and above God. Then the lined and weathered face becomes just another senior citizen, the train whizzing by just another delay, the Star Bucks clerk just another cup of coffee…

Today look for the EXTRAordinarysee beyond self — to feel the wild blowing wind, follow the wagging puppy tail, breathe in the fireplace scent. Glory in the smile sent your way, the hummingbird in motion and still all at the same time, the apple pie making your mouth water…

Know there is no ordinary and thank Him for the wonder called: l i f e…

If you stopped by because you read my devotion today over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!




2 Comments on “EXTRAordinary…

  1. My dear friend, once again you have awed and inspired me at the same time. Thank you. Thank you for following the call of our Lord and writing for Him. You will never know the impact for the Kingdom of your obedience writing down your heart each and every week ~ but our Lord smiles brightly and sighs contentedly as His children pause to consider Him as they are reading the words of your blog. Thank you for taking the risk ~ putting oneself out there for all to see ~ but my prayer is that as each week passes the Holy Spirit will fill you with confidence and assurance that you are doing as He is asking and no matter what response, or lack of, you receive, you will know in your heart that God is pleased with you and loves you for being such a wonderful daughter to Him.


  2. Let us never stop seeing the EXTRAordinary in the ordinary of our day to day. There really is so much more joy in the wonder of it all ~ the slowing down and seeing it through His eyes. What a wonerful reminder ~~ Thank you!


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