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Things aren’t always what they seem. Today south Florida is holding a collective breath wondering what the hurricane passing by tonight will be like. But to look out the window right now – sunshine, breeze – you’d never know heavy rain and big wind… Continue Reading “Comparison…”


Some things we want more of – some we don’t. Seems like everyone wants more money, more of what someone else has, more time. No one wants more heartache, more pain, or more wrinkles. And yet more money is never enough. More of those we… Continue Reading “More…”

Sometimes Too Much…

Lately everything seems like ‘Too Much’. So much we want to do. So much we have to do. Then comes a wrinkle. You know the wrinkles – unexpected guests, unexpected illness, unexpected travel, unexpected stuff. Then the much of life we want to do… Continue Reading “Sometimes Too Much…”

Dice & Laughter…

     If laughter is the best medicine, then twelve ladies in my neighborhood must be the healthiest around. Once a month we get together and play a silly dice game called bunko. It doesn’t take any strategy or effort – so we throw dice… Continue Reading “Dice & Laughter…”

Antique People…

     Antique stores are fun… I don’t know much about authenticity or values – my interest lies in the history, in the uniqueness, in the beauty (and a good deal of course)… Actually I do cringe a little when I see things I had… Continue Reading “Antique People…”


PLaY CReaTivEly WitH YoUr LiTtLe OnE

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