Thankful Mudpies & Puddles

puddle jumping1     Go ahead, stomp in the puddle… Why not? It’s the stuff thankfulness and this time of year (really any time as far as I’m concerned) is made for. Puddles to splash in with bare feet or rubber boots. Heading into the holidays we need to look at the simple so we don’t get caught up in the must do’s…

Mud pies aren’t just for 3 year olds. I was putting in some new flowers by the front door and dumped out a pot of old dirt and mushed it up with water. Then I really looked – seeing the mud squish through my gloved hands, I couldn’t resist. I pulled off the gloves and…you know, I squished the mud through my fingers…and then…patted some together and held it up for inspection…

When I peered up towards the neighbors’ homes and sensibly put back on my gloves I wondered…Why are we so reluctant to have fun in the midst of…life? So when I rounded the corner to where the hose was (living in South Florida this can still be done in November) I kicked off my shoes and did a little happy dance in the puddle…

Less than one week from Thanksgiving and only, count them, 34 days until Christmas – before it all gets to you, make fun while your making pancakes (you know make some Mickey Mouses) or cut the sandwich in the shape of heart. Really want to let go – wear two color of socks (that’s what my granddaughter does, the brighter the color the better) and then show everyone.

Being thankful isn’t about all the obvious, it’s about all the extraordinary, wonderful little things – the dragonfly stopping briefly, the red petunia smiling up, the perfect sunset…

Dare you – stomp in the next puddle you find… (boots optional)…

perfect sunset2  dragonfly cropped1  red petuniasss1

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