Shiny Friday…

shiny friday      I don’t do the mad rush and grab black Friday thing… Maybe I should, maybe I’m missing something. My idea of the ideal day after Thanksgiving is having my husband pull down the boxes of Christmas decorations…

Its a day of multiple benefits – the everyday stuff has to make way for those special decorations – leaving the dust showing. Dust bunnies have to be banished and a house cleaning just seems to beckon…

Finally the opening of each box holds surprises (occasional silver fish or spiders), lost items (last year I found a missing pair of glasses), and most of all memories (laughter, love, little hands)…

I could never be applauded for having a designer tree – over the years three children contributed numerous craft projects that adorn it top to bottom. I consider it the most beautiful I’ve seen…

When my children were at home their eyes would grow large with the lifting of each box lid – hands extended they wanted to put the most decorations on the tree. Was it bad that after they went to bed I would rearrange several (alright most) of those?

We have been using the same angel to top our tree for as long as we can remember. I found her at a garage sale years ago. She holds a light in each hand, and underneath her skirt is a little ring of lights. Last year she didn’t light up – oh no… I put her up anyway and pouted for a while.

This year I informed my husband “We need a new angel.” He grumbled “Why, we love the one we have?” Hands on hips I said “She doesn’t light up anymore.” Reassuringly, his eyes lit up “Oh, yes she does. I fixed her last year before we put her away.” Who knew he was sentimental about all those shiny things too…



4 Comments on “Shiny Friday…

  1. Sounds so very similar to my Friday after Thanksgiving day. Forget the shopping and start the memories!


  2. The simple pleasures of rememberances are what draws us to the most wonderful gift ~ Our Savior!


  3. That is my favorite day after Thanksgiving as well. As a matter of fact we just finished getting all the Christmas boxes down. Aren’t husbands wonderful, with their little surprises for us!


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