On Your Mark…

On Your Mark1     What? It’s 2015? Wait, wasn’t it just summer, just fall, just the holidays…

In the whirlwind we can miss it… The uniqueness of each day gets lost in the 365 that turns into New Year…

I’ve turned over the garden bed, turned over my resolutions, turned over the calendar page – with each turning am I turning over me?

Life isn’t stagnant – it’s ever changing, not just around, but in us. Can we go a whole year and not feel changed? I’ve noticed as I age the sunset is prettier, the sky is bluer, the wind is more refreshing – those things haven’t changed… my appreciation, and thus me, have…

The returning hero with one arm missing, appreciates all the more his ability to still pick up his little girl. Someday, she will ask ‘Why, daddy?’ and he will tell his story…

The recovering alcoholic now ten years dry, appreciates all the more his ability see life without the blur of alcohol. Someday he will be asked ‘Why’d you stop?’ and he will tell his story…

The aging grandma once young and vibrant appreciates each day left to watch her children, grandchildren, cat. Someday she’ll be asked, ‘Write it down?’ and she will tell her story…

All our stories are full of ups, downs, smiles, frowns – a weaving of time. But stories shared to tell of self leave the reader empty – all stories must point to the Author of that life. A life well-lived is a life lived for more than self – lived for the Life Giver. Those stories stand the test of time, inspire the reader/hearer, those stories show eternity is for real…

So, On Your Mark, Get Set – Live ….. in such a way your story inspires…

Story Inspires

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