diet1     Nine days into the New Year – stores have workout clothes, workout videos, healthy food options, and so on as their big displays. Diet looms in the air. Generally, I think everyone hates that word (me included). So I decided diet needed a new meaning this year – something we could get behind and stick with for the year…

In a world full of unpleasant, unwelcome, and sometimes downright heart wrenching things, how about we decide we don’t want to add to any of that if at all possible?…

Can we:

Decide to be more conscious of our mouths that often betray us: give our opinion only when asked, think before we blurt out our own defense, soften our tone…

Remember that there is almost always two sides to every circumstance and weigh the other party’s perspective instead of our narrow viewpoint ruling the day…

Consider the long-term outcome of our decisions instead of the short-term satisfaction…

And finally, how about we decide the glass is indeed half full (not half empty), that we get a lot more with ‘honey’ than we do with ‘vinegar’, that its best if ‘We don’t have anything nice to say, we don’t say anything at all’ ???

So this year I’m putting myself on the Do It Every Time… d.i.e.t.  The It is: consider others more highly than myself – and do it every time…

So for me before I honk at the driver in front of me, before I mutter under my breath at my spouse, before I lose patience with the person currently unnerving me — I will try to consider them more highly than myself… 

Want to join me on a New Year’s D.I.E.T.  and see if we can make our little world a happier place? Do It Every Time…

2 Comments on “D.I.E.T.

  1. So ready for starting to D.I.E.T. I want to make a difference this year….I want to glorify our Lord
    and I think this is a perfect way to do it.


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