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     Sometimes there are words we use but seldom consider the real meaning. Bounty is one of them – originally meant to infer generosity or abundance. The root in Latin: good. This month I want each day to find me focusing on the giving of thanks,… Continue Reading “Bounty-Full…”


     So I’m not all that big on purses, whatever is functional – well, I sometimes do try and match my outfit for a special occasion…. Let’s see that would be Sunday for church, on a date with my hubby, and weddings…lunch with a… Continue Reading “Purse-anality…”


     I love this word – d e l i g h t… How often do we use such a great word? Not often enough for sure… Did you know its both a verb and a noun? Something you ‘do’ – and something you ‘get’. Sometimes we… Continue Reading “Delight…”

On Your Mark…

     What? It’s 2015? Wait, wasn’t it just summer, just fall, just the holidays… In the whirlwind we can miss it… The uniqueness of each day gets lost in the 365 that turns into New Year… I’ve turned over the garden bed, turned over… Continue Reading “On Your Mark…”


      Ordinary doesn’t exist – I have never seen an ordinary sunrise, an ordinary dragonfly, or ordinary child… Have you beheld an ordinary starlit night, heard an ordinary thunderstorm, gazed into ordinary eyes, felt an ordinary kiss? How about an ordinary ocean wave, black bear, or geyser? Even in… Continue Reading “EXTRAordinary…”


I have no need for an alarm clock, I have a cat… Pouncing each morning around 6:30 – even on Saturday! He used to pounce and attack through the covers – batting at my feet with his hind legs. All manner of pushing and trying to… Continue Reading “WHISKER KISSES”


PLaY CReaTivEly WitH YoUr LiTtLe OnE

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