Fresh Pillowcases

pillowcase2     I have a favorite chore: laundry. I don’t understand why people don’t like doing laundry – you put it in the machine that cleans it, you pull it out of the machine that dries it…

No other chore is that easy – guess it’s not that way everywhere, but I’m guessing most reading this do have the luxury – even if it means going to a laundermat to use theirs…

I remember the first laundermat I ever went to, I was about four or five living in a tiny little town. The laundermat was next to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store. At this laundermat you put the clothes in the washer but when they were done and water drained out, there was a ringer attached to the top that you rolled them through to get the excess water out… and then we took them home and hung them on the line outside.

We’ve come a long ways – thank goodness. I love the smell of clothes out of the dryer – (I don’t use scented dryer sheets) – especially the cotton loads… Pillowcases and cotton night gowns pulled fresh from the dryer – I bury my face in them and breathe deep…


I can’t put my finger on why I like that smell so much – but I’m certain it must remind me of some time in my life that was really pleasant or maybe the smell just reminds me of simpler times…

Fresh sheets on the bed and fresh pillow cases are always a treat that first night you crawl in. Such a simple pleasure, one we take for granted…

I’m thinking we shouldn’t take any pleasures for granted for they could be gone in an instant – we never expect this time to be the last time, or surely we would savor every moment. But what if we did live a little like this time could be the last time? What if we linger over the clothes fresh from the dryer, the drive out of the neighborhood, the shopping cart we push through the store?

Fresh pillowcases – a reason to pause, inhale and exhale, take in the ordinary to see how fabulous now is…

If you stopped by because you read my devotion today over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!  Click on the Living Braver link at the top, perhaps fear is an issue you would like to chat about…

8 Comments on “Fresh Pillowcases

  1. So beautiful . . .you have an amazing gift, Paris Renae!! You take one of our simple chores and make it so joyful!!!


  2. I love to bury my face in fresh clean laundry as well! And the first night in freshly laundered sheets is the BEST!


  3. Bible study at church made the statement “God is good. God Is still on the throne. Breath in, breath out. I had to laugh when I read your post…..inhale, exhale. Charlotte

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