Wander or Wonder?

butterfly labeled     Don’t we all wish we could retire (no matter what age we are 26 or 56) and just wander…

I love east Tennessee and the times I’ve been able to spend there always find me wandering… Wandering along a hiking trail, beside the Little River, driving through The Great Smoky Mountains – wandering in and out of antique stores, in and out of local restaurants or museums…

I wander around where I live now and then too – along the beach, a drive along the coast north, in out of the grocery store, the post office, the bank – oh yeah, I was setting the scene for all those perfect vistas…

I can wander without leaving my chair – my mind wanders to long ago days of childhood, or my children’s childhood – long ago days of newly married of young and full of energy – to times spent with girlfriends and now adult children…

We all wander whenever the opportunity arises – but how often do we wonder?

Take a look at the lizard on this rose leaf, if it wasn’t for his tail he wouldn’t be as long as the leaf, and the leaf was not much more than an inch long… what a wonder so tiny can be so perfect…


Don’t you want to wonder? The Creator of all that’s around us, in all the places we have been and have never been, has made everything a wonder – so that we can be awestruck and that we can give Him praise. It is wonder that we are knit in a womb, that a caterpillar emerges a butterfly, that a seed emerges a stalk of grain, that water invisibly evaporates and becomes cloud, that the earth spins at a 1,000 mph!

It is a wonder that man’s brain can conceive a light bulb, a telephone, a computer, the internet – transplanting a heart, soaring into space…

Take time this week to wander into wonder – as the old song says ‘What A Wonderful World’ – may this week be Wonder-Full…

world 2 labeled


2 Comments on “Wander or Wonder?

  1. Have a friend who just turned 90 something who responded when asked if he retired (a few years ago) “yes, I got 4 new ones”. He went on to be a missionary in Mexico at age 70+. Makes you ‘wonder’ if we will be as spunky when we reach that age…


  2. And new inventions always happening wondering what purpose the Lord has for them because all things are created through Him by His Grace and Power even with non-believers! Just heard about a new invention through Microsoft, the hololens, using holograms to design 3-D products and so much more!


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