Fresh Air…

open window pixa1     Time to throw open the windows and…breathe, don’t you think?

First day of spring, that’s today. Time for fresh air…

Changing seasons, changing us. Fresh air – like a cool, clear morning. A float down a lazy stream. A drive down a back road to…nowhere.

Fresh air – like toes in the sand and fresh ocean sea spray, hiking a mountain with blue skies above, a meadow bursting with wildflowers.

meadow pixa1

Spring with all its hopes and newness, has it become ordinary? But it isn’t – it’s still…miraculous. Baby birds, tiny lizards, new lambs, baby opossums. Green pushing up through warming soil, flowers dressed better than any fashion designer could dream.

How grand are the March winds giving way to April showers – how renewing the grass being mowed, soil being turned, the chatter of birds in migration.

Ordinary is us doing our day to day and missing it – until we don’t. Until we step out with kids in tow and breathe in fun. Barefoot and spinning in circles on the grass isn’t just for 4 year olds.

barefoot grass pixa1

Inhale promise, exhale hope: the 13 year old inventor wowing men and women twice or more his age; the wrinkled face with glint in eyes remembering ‘back when’ but lives ‘here and now’ touching your soul…

Kissing the neck of the one you love, that oh so familiar, yet brand new scent. Walking in the cool of the day, exhaling serenity…

Fresh air – free for the taking, and for the sharing. Inhale His creation, no ordinary here…

baby bird pixa1

One Comment on “Fresh Air…

  1. God’s earth is never boring with all he has created for us to just enjoy! Thanks for sharing.


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