Seeds of…

seed packets1     Eighteen years ago I dug up a tiny sapling from beneath the huge tree in our front yard. I went to the back yard and gauged where I thought it should go (seriously I thought it was way far from the deck). Today it has reached that maturity point where it is producing a kajillion seeds. At the time I planted it, it seemed like a good idea. My vision: It will grow as big as it’s parent and provide some shade and separation from the neighbors. Reality: shade, separation, lots of leaves (twice a year) and now these feathery seed things…

Kajillion is a number I’m sure – it’s just not countable. So what does one do when a kajillion seed things are everywhere?  My husband decided a drastic trimming was needed, I’m not so sure – but we shouldn’t have any seeds for a while…

When at Home Depot or the Dollar Store and they have those displays of seeds showcasing all the things you can grow, for eating or looking pretty, I have to stop to look at them. Sometimes I can’t help it – I buy a few. Sometimes I even get around to planting them…

I have had sunflowers grow from seeds, really cool. I have had carrots grow from seeds, strange (see pic to see what I mean). Marigolds are really good to grow from seeds, beware they actually throw their own seeds everywhere and marigolds come up no where near where they started – that’s ok, surprises are fun…


I’ve noticed that the seed I put in the dirt never looks anything like what grows up reaching for the sky. Like us – we start out in the secret place of our mother’s womb and emerge a little person. As we grow, change, and mature at some point we become what God means us to be. Along the way we shed many leaves (disbelief, unkindness, worry) and produce fruit (faith, love, patience).

Plant some sunflowers – they’re easy. Share them when they grow, spreading sunshine. Has someone caused you to grow in unexpected ways? Do you have a story that will encourage another’s growth? Leave a comment and spread a few Seeds of Wisdom with the rest of us (pictures are welcome too)…

marigold peaking viola          spread sunshine

 If you stopped by because you read my devotion today over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!  Click on the Living Braver link at the top, perhaps fear is an issue you would like to chat about…


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  1. Jesus said, “unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies it produce much grain (fruit).” This he spoke of dying to ourselves; loosing our lives for Him; His death and resurrection to give all who believe in Him life; being born again in Him to produce much fruit; all for His glory not ours!


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