old apronxx     Aprons are making a comeback, at least I think they are. I see them in gift stores, home stores, clothing stores, everywhere…

My grandmother, better known as Nanny, always had an apron on – but she always had a dress on too. While there are lots of things about the ‘old days’ worth missing, I for one am glad that we don’t have to wear dresses all the time.

Just a couple of years ago my friend related the story of how she was baking cookies with her granddaughter and she didn’t want her to get stuff all over her cute outfit so she tried to put an apron on her. She wouldn’t have anything to do with it, especially since her grammy wasn’t wearing one. When I asked her why she wasn’t wearing one, she told me she only had one – the one she was trying to put on her granddaughter.

redapronxx     rooster apronxx

I was astounded, who only has one apron? That may be a silly question these days. Maybe most people don’t have any. But between ones that have been passed down, one that my daughter made for me, and one my daughter-in-love gave to me, I have several. You can guess what I’ve been sending as gifts to my best friend since then…

  soup apronxx

I recently read the story of a woman back in the 1800s whose husband was gone a lot looking for work to feed his family. This left her home to mother their 10 (yes ten) children and to take care of their home. It was said of her that when she needed to have quiet time with God, she would sit in a chair and pull her apron up over her head. The vivid picture left me smiling for a long time…


I’ve noticed if I work in the kitchen without an apron on, I get stuff on me – but if I put an apron on, I usually don’t even get anything on the apron. Got to be a life lesson there right? Something about being prepared…

Be sure to answer the weekly poll question on my site, I’m curious how many people have aprons…

all apronsxx



10 Comments on “Aprons…

  1. I love having my special aprons from my dear friend and sharing them with my granddaughter. I’m making one her size but my guess is that she will still want to wear mine!!


  2. I have an apron from each of my grandmas and a couple of my own; but I rarely remember to wear one. 🙂


    • Those are special – you should hang them up in your kitchen or something 🙂 Special ones like that you can pass to your girls!


  3. I have several kitchen aprons that I don’t wear because they came from special people, but I do have art aprons and they are a total mess. I paint more than I cook, or at least would like to.


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