cross sunsrisex     Our good friend and pastor in California recalled the following story when his oldest daughter was six… His wife couldn’t pick her up from school and had asked Larry to get her. Realizing he was running late he got over to the school as fast as he could. The younger children wait behind a fenced area by their classrooms and as Larry got out of the car it was easy to tell no one was left. As he walked through the gate he spotted Kelsey sitting crosslegged by her classroom door. He thought to himself ‘She’ll never forgive me, I won’t get to walk her down the aisle, I’m a terrible dad’. As he got closer he could hear Kelsey singing. She jumped up when she saw her daddy, smiling and saying “Hi, daddy!”. Larry said “Oh, Kelsey, honey, I’m so sorry I’m late, please forgive me, were you scared?” Kelsey said “No daddy, I wasn’t scared I KNEW you would come for me.”

As God’s children we can have the same childlike faith, daily saying: “I KNOW He will come back for me’…

Max Lucado said in his book The Final Week of Jesus “The story of the gospel: Jesus piercing His hands in order to prick our hearts.”

crown of thorns heartx

What a great word picture for us to ponder today, Good Friday. Sometimes I wonder how today got the name ‘Good’ when it seems that what happened about 2000 years ago was so horrible. But then I remember: what He did was definitely good for me and for you…and He did promise to come back for us.

When Easter is no longer just eggs and baskets, dresses and dinners – it becomes thankfulness and gratefulness…

These are lovely: grandmas in hats and little boys in bow ties – church and worship songs – jelly beans and chocolate – tables set and savory dishes passed around. But this is a remembrance – not just a ritual celebration. Remember Who it is about and what He did for us.

jellybeans chocolatex

A rugged cross with nails – a crown of thorns – a bloodied man – a final breath… a reminder of a great love and the hope of eternity and all it promises…

Wishing you a thank-full, grace-filled, blessed Easter celebration – may the pierced hands always prick our hearts…


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4 Comments on “Resurrection…

    • I like it – these days He is all but forgotten in our culture and on days that are set aside to remember Him- Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!


  1. Love the phrase “His hands were pierced so our hearts could be pricked”. So much deep meaning. I just shared it with my sister-in-law as I’m visiting family in CA.


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