Dice & Laughter…

dice pixa x     If laughter is the best medicine, then twelve ladies in my neighborhood must be the healthiest around. Once a month we get together and play a silly dice game called bunko. It doesn’t take any strategy or effort – so we throw dice and talk and laugh and talk and laugh – and oh yeah, we throw dice and eat – usually yummy sweet desserts…

One sweet friend has the most wonderful laugh – it is distinct to her and every time I hear it I smile and want to go her hug her…

My best friend told me one time that someone said her laugh sounded like Wilma on the Flintstones. Next time she laughed, I had to agree, precious.

Unfortunately my laugh is one of those loud, obnoxious laughs and though I really should make the effort to tame it, when something strikes me funny, I can’t help myself.

Lately there have been some hilarious YouTube videos of babies laughing – what a crack-up. I guess we were created with a sense of humor that develops even before we walk…

laughing baby pixa x

I love to tell a joke when I can remember it. My poor hubby, he tries, it’s not that he doesn’t remember the joke, he just can’t keep a straight face. When I tell him a joke I usually start out ‘So there was this guy’ and the minute he hears me – he knows what I’m up to. I have to think of a new approach…

Truly our Father in heaven has a great sense of humor, that He put in us to enjoy. So many things in creation I think He created just to get a smile or giggle out of us.

girfaffe pixa x

Maybe we all just need to be perpetual smilers – consider the alternative 😦    Hmmm, I think smile lines are the only pretty wrinkles. In the midst of all that’s difficult in our world today, there is still joy if we just look for it, if we just let Him show it to us. Share a laugh with someone today – you’ll both feel better and so will those around you…

red nose funny face pixa x

If you stopped by because you read my devotion today over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!

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