cherry blossom1     I love this word – d e l i g h t… How often do we use such a great word? Not often enough for sure…

Did you know its both a verb and a noun? Something you ‘do’ – and something you ‘get’. Sometimes we hold back and don’t describe things with fun words like this…

Homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream and crunchy crust is delight-full. A blue sky spring day complete with birds chirping, a lawn mower going in the distance, and slight breeze is delight-full! A little toddler looking up from mud pie making with chubby toes and pleased smile is delight-full!

apple pie ice-cream-1

The next time a friend asks me to lunch I think I will say “Yes, that would be delight-full!” At the store when they say “It’s senior discount day, do you qualify for our 15% off?” instead of thinking ‘yuck, yes’ I will say “That would be delight-full!”   

eating out1

Finding a front parking space, getting to your appointment five minutes early, a hairdresser who hides all your gray, a $5 off coupon for eating out, the way a cat sleeps without a care in the world — these are all, you guessed it, DELIGHT-FULL…

Thinking… What about the verb part? How can we delight others? As in our smiles, words, thoughtful notes, phone calls, emails, encouragement, helping hand, teaching how to make something – with these and many more we can be delight-full to someone else…

I want to hear from you… What delights you? How have you been a delight lately? Join in, leave a comment, you never know – what you share just may delight another – for sure it will be a delight to hear from you…


2 Comments on “Delight…

  1. Delight-full is your granddaughter whispering in your ear that she loves you! Delight-full is surprising a friend at work with a Starbucks drink on Friday because she has had a challenging week.


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